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Wishing You a Restful Mid-Winter Recess

Whether it is a few days ways or a few days relaxing at home, the Long Island PDRC wishes all our educators a restful Mid-Winter Recess week, taking much-needed time to recharge and practice pro-active self-care.

Discover Long Island: Things to Do During Winter Break

12 Mid-winter Activities on Long Island


The Power of Peer-to-Peer Coaching:
A PLC Program for Success

A Model for Peer Collaboration, Professional Growth and School Improvement


The Long Island PDRC and the Upstate PDRC are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity, The Power of Peer-to-Peer Coaching. This program has been intentionally designed to prepare school leaders and teachers to become Peer-to-Peer coaches through an Art of Coaching lens.

  Starting Tuesday, March 8, the program is structured in two parts:

Part I: The Power of Peer-to-Peer Coaching: The Why, The What, and The How

Part II: The Application of Peer-to-Peer Coaching: PDRC Support of Implementation

For schools and/or educators interested in enrolling in this this program, please email the Long Island PDRC Director, Rita Stavrou (rita.stavrou@catapultlearning.com) for more information.

Supportive Leadership Circle

How Can Leaders Best Support Teachers During This Most Challenging Year?


Join this 4-part PLC to discuss and explore leadership issues around Teacher Burnout, Teacher and Leaders Self-Care, Coaching for Retention, Differentiated Feedback, and “Stay” conversations.

Session meets every other Monday, 10:15am-11:15am.

A Writing PLC

A Collins Writing Program Cohort


Strengthening Writing and Thinking Skills Across the Curriculum Grs. 3-12. Join this structured PLC to strengthen your students’ learning, cognitive engagement and critical thinking skills using writing. This unique virtual opportunity will consist of 30 mins of strategies and 30 mins of implementation Q&A. Come join for one or for all sessions.

Session meets on the First Monday of the month, 3:30pm-4:30pm.

Leadership Corner

Burnout in the Field of Education

By Mitch Center

There is an article in The Wall Street Journal about how teachers are leaving the profession in droves. As we come to the end of year two of the pandemic, and all the stresses associated with it, many teachers are leaving for more money, more autonomy, and less stress. So, what are we going to do about it?

This is a question we should all be grappling with. 

The research tells us that there are a few ways we could mitigate burnout, and at the very least, decrease the likelihood that teachers will leave:

1) Strong Relationships: Look across your schools and ask yourselves, “How are we supporting teachers in the formation and deepening of their relationships with one another?” Teaching by its very definition can be very isolating – one adult in a room full of kids. So how are we planning for teachers to spend time together? To experience joy together? Actively seek out these opportunities and create them!

~Mitch Center provides leadership professional development and coaching for Catapult Learning and is a monthly contributor to our Leadership Corner Conversation.

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2) More Autonomy: Teachers – and other employees across sectors – report more happiness and contentment with their work when they have some control over how it is performed. Where can you find space in your schedules and curriculum for teachers to bring a piece of themselves? How can their share their passions and interests with the students they serve, and how could they maintain more control over what is taught, and how? This is complex and nuanced, but worth exploring.

3) Acknowledgement: We need to actively communicate with teachers, publicly praise them, privately cheer them on and let them know how vital their work is. This is NOT the year to assume everyone will just come back. That should never be the case. How are you planning “stay conversations?” How are you rewarding and celebrating effort by individuals, grade/department teams, and the whole school community?

We are up against A LOT as we push through winter and look ahead into the next school year, and we will all have to redouble our efforts to stem the tide of teachers leaving the profession. Whatever you do, don’t do nothing!  Begin making plans and acting on them as soon as you can.

Community Spotlight

Diocese of Rockville Centre Schools

Educators from Across Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Rockville Centre met virtually afterschool on Thursday, February 10, to discuss coaching and the impact of peer-to-peer coaching to strengthen learning in our schools.

Literacy Across Long Island Schools

The Long Island PDRC in partnership with the Upstate PDRC provided a 5-part series on Literacy in Action: Research-based Practices. Educators from across New York State attended the 5-part series.

 Check out the impact of the Literacy in Action Series (participant feedback):

~The content is great! I love what I’m learning.

~Just terrific! Accomplished so much in an hour.

~One hour went by really fast. So much good information.

We interviewed several Long Island Educators about literacy in their classrooms. Here’s what was shared:

Literacy is the ‘cornerstone’ of all our learning at St Joseph’s. In all curriculum areas and in all our interactions, literacy is always present. We see it in our content areas and in our Religious Education, in our prayers and our Mercy Values. We see it every day in the way we communicate and respond socially. 
~Mrs. G., 3rd grade St Joseph’s Garden City

At St Anne’s, we continue our great literacy practices to ensure our students are exceling. Every day, you will see teacher modeling, guided (small group) reading, task board learning activities, and literacy follow-ups. At the same time, we enhance our literacy instruction with relevant teaching methods such as, can do and must do, essential tasks, independent tasks, flipped learning opportunities, and digital learning that stimulates and engages students in literacy and peer learning. I’m excited to shared that our 3rd graders are buddy readers and are currently working with 1st grade students as part of a buddy reading program- Way to go 3rd graders!

~Mrs. P., 3rd grade St. Anne’s Garden City

St. Anne's Students

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