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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you health and happiness as we rest and recharge for the coming year! The Long Island PDRC continues to work to provide you with complementary opportunities to expand your professional development. Over 4000 educators from across New York State have engaged in our free courses in the past 3 years. We continue to provide our CTLE-eligible sessions virtually and invite you to check out our exciting new offerings coming in 2022.

Leadership Circle for Principals and School Leadership

Purposely designed to build a community of leaders who learn and problem-solve together, join the Fall Cohort of the Leadership Circle to discuss, share, and plan for an exceptional school year. Meeting twice a month, each virtual session will have a driving focus and will be facilitated by Mitch Center of Center Educational Consulting. 

Math Interventions with Dr. Nicki

How do you design and implement effective math interventions? Our guest presenter, Dr. Nicki, author of over 30 books, will share practical, realistic strategies and differentiated activities to provide scaffolded access to grade-level standards.

Leadership Corner

How do my leadership conversations impact the culture of my school?

By Mitch Center

It’s lonely at the top.” We’ve all heard that before, right? It may sound cliche, but the truth is it CAN BE lonely at the top. If you’re the principal of a school, you’re the only one in your building with that title, and there’s an awful lot of people turning to you for support, guidance, discipline, and learning. Being a leader is challenging during any school year, but even more so during a year like the one we are currently experiencing. So what can be done? Well, there are many ways to take action to combat the isolation felt by leaders, and as we round out this year and prepare or January, I would urge you to think about the following:

~Mitch Center provides leadership professional development and coaching for Catapult Learning and is a monthly contributor to our Leadership Corner Conversation.

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1.) Find a Critical Friend: Within your established network of leaders, find one other leader for whom you’d like to strengthen a relationship. Maybe the two of you could start small and agree to a 20 minute phone call once / week. Or maybe you can agree to read and discuss a book, grab coffee, set a mutual goal that you hold each other accountable, for instance, committing to visit 3 classrooms /day. “Critical Friends” can support one another to help combat the isolation.

2.) Join a Leadership Circle: Leaders come together from across schools to learn, solve problems and support one another in Leadership Circles sponsored by the Long Island PDRC. Every other week, leaders focus on a topic and take turns sharing common problems of practice. We’ve heard from leaders that they feel connected to their peers – even if they’ve never met in person!

3.) Work with a Coach: Leadership coaching has become more and more prevalent over the past several years. A coach offers perspective, provides support, and makes space for you to work the through vexing challenges. As we contemplate our school priorities for 2022, I encourage you to provide space for you.

Community Spotlight

LuHi Supports Neighbors!

With a tradition of service to local and global communities, Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School recently held its 10th Annual Meal Packing event. With ~3m meals packed since 2011, LuHi supports families with food insecurities through local food pantries on Long Island and globally to families in need in Tanzania and Haiti.

Bringing Joy to Seniors!

Singing a repetoire of classical holiday songs, Kindergarteners and First graders at Long Island Catholic Schools brought Christmas Caroling to the homes of senior parishioners! Learning the rewards of volunteerism as a shared family experience, this event was part of the Families-in-Service Project that includes Fall and Spring sandwich making for the Mary Brennan Inn, a flower planting day in the Spring and more. Teachers from the Long Island Catholic School enjoy organizing these events and share “Christmas is about taking time to show the people around you that you care about them and that you love them,” -Ms.A

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Coming Soon:

Peer-to-Peer Coaching and Learning Program

Coming in March 2022, a joint partnership between the Long Island PDRC and Upstate PDCR: a 5-part virtual Peer-to-Peer Coaching Program, focused on increasing the knowledge and skill of educators within their schools. Participation is limited. If you are interested in registering for this program or for more information, please contact the Long Island PDRC: Rita Stavrou, Director of the Long Island PDRC,

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